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Welcome to Perago Inc., your reliable partner in enhancing ERP functionality. Established in 2008, we have committed ourselves to developing innovative solutions on the NetSuite ERP platform. We call them SuiteExtensions.
Our mission is straightforward yet impactful: to improve and automate routine functions within your existing NetSuite instance, unlocking significant productivity gains with minimal effort. SuiteExtensions are the core of our dedication to efficiency, offering automated, tailored solutions for the specific needs of NetSuite users.
We focus on creating extensions that not only bridge gaps in your ERP system for a seamless user experience but also ensure these solutions are plug-and-play, integrating effortlessly without disrupting your current NetSuite setup.
Perago stands out for our dedication to create solutions that integrate smoothly into your operations, ensuring a straightforward, empowering experience for businesses of all sizes. As you explore the evolving NetSuite environment, rely on Perago Inc. as your consistent support, driving your organization towards enhanced efficiency and achievement.

Embark on this journey of innovation and automation with us, where simplifying your ERP experience is made possible. Perago Inc. - Simplify and enhance your ERP experience with ease.

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Streamline your Decision-Making Processes with GoApprove by Perago!

In the dynamic landscape of business, the ability to make swift and informed decisions is a cornerstone for growth. However, traditional decision-making processes often involve tedious steps, such as logging into the ERP system, navigating through records, and then approving or disapproving actions. This cumbersome routine can impede progress and create bottlenecks in organizational efficiency.

Imagine a scenario where approval decisions seamlessly integrate into your daily workflow, eliminating the need to log into a separate system. Enter GoApprove by Perago – a revolutionary solution designed to empower key decision-makers within your business.

GoApprove enables your business leaders to operationalize decisions effortlessly across all facets without the hassle of logging into NetSuite ERP. Approvals are seamlessly routed to the necessary stakeholders via email, and with just a click of a button (within the email), decisions can be made swiftly.

The benefits of GoApprove are various:

Multi-level Approvals

Businesses often require multi-level approvals for critical transactions such as Purchase Orders, Vendor Bills, and Sales Orders. GoApprove facilitates this seamlessly

Approval Beyond NetSuite

Traditional NetSuite applications limit approvals within the system. GoApprove extends approval functionality to business stakeholders outside the NetSuite environment, enhancing accessibility.

Cloud-Based Solution

Enjoy the convenience of GoApprove without the need for additional server installations.

NetSuite/ ERP Access Not Required

Business stakeholders can approve or reject transactions without the necessity of NetSuite or ERP access, promoting efficiency.

Effortless Decision-Making

All approval, rejection, and information requests can be managed effortlessly with a simple click of a button within your email.

Higher Value, Lower Cost:

GoApprove is not just a solution; it’s a high-value investment that maximizes your existing NetSuite resources. Experience significant productivity gains and license savings as key decision-makers can perform their roles without the need for NetSuite access.

Digital Transformation Partner:

GoApprove stands out as a digital transformation partner with its fast and easy setups, intuitive features, and simple configurations. Elevate your decision-making processes with GoApprove by Perago Inc. and embark on a journey of efficiency and growth.



Optimize Your Asset Management with
GoAsset by Perago!

In today’s competitive business landscape, productivity is the key to attracting and retaining customers while fostering growth. Central to this objective is the efficient management of critical company assets, particularly machinery and equipment, ensuring their optimal performance through effective maintenance.

Day-to-day challenges in machine maintenance, including unplanned maintenance, unscheduled downtime, budgetary constraints, manual processes, and decreasing asset productivity, can have significant business impacts such as unexpected breakdowns, added expenses, and inaccurate maintenance records.

To address these challenges and enhance your asset management capabilities, Perago presents GoAsset – a comprehensive solution for both preventive and breakdown maintenance of machinery. GoAsset is designed to seamlessly integrate with your NetSuite instance, allowing your business to operationalize accounting, track asset maintenance, and generate insightful reports throughout the entire lifecycle of each asset.

Key Benefits of GoAsset:

Unified NetSuite Solution

GoAsset is a plug-n-play solution built entirely on NetSuite, ensuring seamless integration without disrupting your existing instance.

Comprehensive Asset Information

Store detailed information about assets, including purchase dates, vendor data, maintenance history, and other pertinent details.

Automated Reminders

Set auto reminders for upcoming maintenance schedules, enabling proactive planning and tracking of scheduled maintenance activities.

Meter Tracking Logs

Access comprehensive meter tracking logs for all assets, providing insights into asset usage patterns.

Customizable Maintenance Schedules

Set varying maintenance schedules, considering both frequency and servicing requirements based on asset utilization.

Effortless Tracking

Easily monitor maintenance service types, material issuance, and associated costs, allowing for streamlined tracking of essential data.

Real-Time Updates

Benefit from real-time updates, auto alerts, and customizable dashboards, ensuring access to latest information at your fingertips.

Flexible for Any Industry

GoAsset is designed to cater to the maintenance needs of any industry with its adaptable and user-friendly features.

Cost-Effective Solution

Achieve a high-value, low-cost solution by leveraging your existing investment in NetSuite ERP.

Drill-Down Capability

Enjoy 100% drill-down capability, enabling a detailed analysis of financial and non-financial data associated with your assets.

Direct Links

Establish direct links to Purchase Orders, Vendor Bills, Invoices, and Journals, facilitating seamless coordination between different aspects of your business processes.

Higher Value, Lower Cost:

GoAsset empowers companies to establish and execute comprehensive preventive maintenance plans, promoting better productivity, resource savings, and minimizing breakdowns. Perago’s dedicated support services ensure companies can collect and review crucial data, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the solution.

Digital Transformation Partner:

Experience the benefits of GoAsset – a fast, easy-to-set-up, and ready-to-use module that elevates your asset management capabilities within NetSuite, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.



GoFulfill, a pivotal solution offered by Perago, seamlessly bridges the gap in organizing and optimizing the delivery of orders along one or more strategic routes for a predetermined future date. This innovative extension transforms the logistics landscape, ensuring a more efficient and organized approach to delivery planning.

The Delivery Planning Process:

Order Organization

Efficiently manage multiple sales and transfer orders scheduled for fulfilment on future dates.

Pooling Instructions

Take advantage of the system's capability to pool items from the warehouse, enhancing the consolidation of goods for streamlined delivery.

Automated Fulfilment

Create item fulfilments and invoices with automated precision, reducing manual effort and potential errors.

Truck vehicle Assignment

Dynamically assign trucks for delivery based on the total shipment weight, optimizing the utilization of transport resources.

Comprehensive Records

Generate detailed records specifying items to be delivered, their locations, and the designated order of delivery.


Automation for Efficiency

Perago's GoFulfill brings automation to the forefront, making the planning and tracking of shipments a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Hassle-Free Logistics Planning

Bid farewell to the complexities of logistics planning as our SuiteExtension simplifies the entire process, promoting a hassle-free approach to shipment coordination.

Consolidation Mastery

Unlock the power to consolidate deliveries efficiently within specific geographic areas, minimizing transport costs and enhancing overall delivery effectiveness.

Streamlined Operations

Streamline your delivery operations with a time-saving and efficient system that minimizes manual interventions and ensures precision at every stage.

In a fast-paced business environment, where time is of the essence, Perago’s GoFulfill SuiteExtension emerges as a strategic asset. It not only optimizes the pooling of trucks for delivery but also redefines how logistics can be planned and executed with greater efficacy. Embrace a future where your delivery planning is not just a process but a well-orchestrated symphony of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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