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Email recorded approvals

Typically any process approval requires the approver to be a registered NetSuite user (for example the approval of a purchase order above a certain amount). In some companies, the approver is not a registered NetSuite user, but shares the company’s domain name as part of his or her email address. In such cases the workflow can be automated such that when required, NetSuite will email the approver and when they reply (approved or not), NetSuite will record that in the workflow for all to see.

Bulk cashiering

Sometimes organizations experience cashiering bottlenecks. For example, schools have to collect a large number of fees on the day before enrollment. For the rest of the year just one or two cashiers can handle the typical pay load. For temporary use it is uneconomical to pay for a general annual license for each cashier. The bulk cashiering Gapsol overcomes this challenge.

Machine Maintenance

Equipment requires scheduled maintenance. Things also breakdown or give warnings of the need for repair. Upkeep requires quick online repair ticket transmission to maintenance personnel, their dispatch with commonly needed spares and subsequent reporting for future activity planning. This Gapsol tags equipment for maintenance to the Fixed Asset register and tracks common triggers for routine and preventative activity. It generates KPI statistics such as Mean Time Between Failures [MTBF] and Mean Time To Repair [MTTR].

Pre-Spend Budget Hold

Standard Budget workflow decrements the available budget only after the Invoice has been paid. Via this Gapsol, a NetSuite budget is garnered at the time of issuance of a Purchase Order. This significantly diminishes the possibilities of budget overspend or the requirement of management intervention for budget reallocations. There is no impact on the General Ledger.

Employee Leaves And Advances

The Employee Center user access provides the ability to apply for leave. It also provides a variety of other functions to employee users, but it is a paid login. The Leave and Advances Gapsol only handles employee leave requests and routes the application for approval to the supervisor. It is an unpaid login.

Sometimes the employee needs an Advance for an emergency. In such circumstances this Gapsol sets up the monthly salary deductions that make up the repayment plan for the employee. These are posted in the General Ledger as well.

Installment Sales Package

Retail sales outfits sometimes need to finance the sale of their products with installment payments from their customers. This Gapsol sets up the Installment Plan with a down payment and recurring monthly payments. The Terms and Conditions are also made as part of the Sales Order to be approved by the customer. Monthly recurring payments are posted as transactions. These are posted in the General Ledger as well.

Delivery Vehicle Capacity Management

A delivery promise is contingent on vehicle capacity. In setting up the item master, the dimensional (DIM) weight is included in the record. When Sales Orders with ship date are approved, the available delivery vehicle capacity is decremented for that specific date. This avoids shipping delays.

Tiered Discounting On The Sales Order

Wholesale Distribution Salesmen can present their customers with multiple tiered discounts to facilitate the sale. For example, a standard discount can be added to a price, and then a special additional discount can be added to the standard discount on a Sales Order. Such multiple tiered discounts are powerful sales tools.

Freight Matrix

Freight logistics pricing by delivery zones (for example zip codes) is a published item of most Common Carriers. This Gapsol permits the least cost delivery pricing to be put on a Sales Order based on the dimensional weight of the shipment.

Multilevel Approval Of Purchase Orders

Most organizations have a multi-level purchase order approval process. For example POs below amount X require a single approval, between X and Y a double level approval and above Y a third level approval. This Gapsol automates the approval process in NetSuite along with the requisite email notifications. If say the second level approval manager is on leave, the PO is directly passed onto the third level approval manager.

Lease Management For Space And Equipment

This Gapsol sets up the transactional and contractual paperwork for companies that seek to lease their property or equipment to third parties. These are posted in the General Ledger as well.

Document Approval Workflow

Large contracts often require multi-department approval, such as from Sales, Finance, Legal, etc. For MS Word Documents this Gapsol automates the workflow around multiparty approvals of modifications to documents by different departments.

Post Dated Checks

Some Installment Payments to sellers are handled with a down payment and several Post Dated Checks [PDCs]. These are given by the buyer to the seller at the time of the purchase. In most countries the stringent banking laws make PDCs a very low risk future payment transaction. The PDC workflow is set up in NetSuite as a Custom Record which is populated at the time of the item sale. As each check matures, the workflow reminds the check maker via an email that the amount will be due shortly. This way the maker can make sure the check is funded properly at maturity. Cash flow projections take into account the value of PDCs held by the seller.